Electrical Product Recalls

Recall guidelines

Important information for business relating to electrical product recalls can also be obtained from the ERAC electrical safety recall guide for industry, which lists the requirements for an electrical product recall.

These guidelines are to be read in conjunction with Product Safety Recalls - a guide for suppliers - on how to recall unsafe consumer products.

About product recalls

Electrical product recalls are released by the responsible company and may be found at the federal Product Safety Recall Australia website as well as here.

In the interest of public safety, the Electrical Safety Regulators would like to bring attention to product recalls. Recall notices placed on this web site are not withdrawn until the Electrical Safety Regulators is satisfied that all items have been withdrawn from use.

ERAC considers that a recall is not complete until every one of the affected items have been accounted for (repaired, rectified, retrieved or destroyed). The manufacturer or importer has obligations under the law and must ensure they comply with those obligations.

It is recommended that when checking the recall notices with an issue date of more than 12 months old to contact the company or service agent directly by obtaining contact numbers and addresses through telephone directories or a web site.

The electrical safety product recalls listed on this web site is not a complete list of every type of recall - these recalls have been chosen due to particular electrical safety issues. For a complete list of all types of recalls, visit the Product Safety Recall Australia website.