International Licence Holders

If you hold an electrical work licence in a country other than Australia or New Zealand you will need to apply for a new licence before working here.

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Licensing between Australian Jurisdictions and New Zealand

Current holders of a licence issued by an Australian state or territory or New Zealand can apply for an electrical work licence in another jurisdiction on the basis of mutual recognition. Contact the regulator or visit their websites for more information on requirements, forms and fees.

Generally, to perform electrical work in an Australian state, territory or New Zealand you will need to obtain the relevant licence in that jurisdiction rather than just working under your current licence. There are exceptions to this rule for Queensland and New Zealand – contact the regulator for more details.

Electrical Licensing

If you wish to carry out certain electrical work in Australia or New Zealand you must hold the correct electrical licence for the work.

In addition to this, if you wish to contract for, or carry out electrical work for fee or reward in Australia you may need to apply for an electrical contractor licence. Please contact the regulator of the jurisdiction in which you wish to work, for more information.


Each state and territory administers their own system of electrical licensing. For this reason, it is best to contact the regulator for the state in which you wish to work for details of their licensing requirements