The EESS commenced In Queensland on 1 March 2013. In 2018 an intergovernmental agreement (IGA) on governance of the EESS was signed by Queensland, Western Australia and Victoria. EESS legislation started on 1 April 2019 in Victoria. Other Australian jurisdictions are currently progressing or considering (or have not yet made a decision about) their implementation of the EESS. New Zealand will have complementary legislation in due course.

The IGA sets up a ministerial oversight committee (MOC) of Ministers who have signed the IGA to ensure government oversight and governance of the EESS laws. A Standing Council of Officers (SCO), with members appointed by the Ministers, has also been constituted by the IGA. The SCO will oversee the operational aspects of the EESS.

A new website for the EESS is under development and all information relating to the EESS will be migrated to EESS.gov.au once that website is finalised.

The EESS is now considered to be operational and all previous transitional arrangements have ceased.

The EESS has the following features in relation to “in-scope” electrical equipment:

  • Nationally consistent, electrical equipment safety legislation throughout Australia and New Zealand that will greatly increase consumer safety.
  • A National Database where all suppliers and certain types of equipment must be registered prior to being offered for sale.  This will allow equipment to be easily traced to its supplier and act as a gateway to the legal supply of electrical equipment in Australia and New Zealand.
  • Risk based classification of equipment into 3 levels (Level 3, Level 2 and Level 1) with different requirements for each level.
  • A self-funding, user-pays system where registration fees fund improved compliance, surveillance and post-market enforcement activities.
  • Registration of a ‘Responsible Supplier’, who is a manufacturer or importer of in-scope electrical equipment and who is a legal entity in Australia or New Zealand, has the onus of responsibility for ensuring the safety of the electrical equipment they sell.
  • Technical safety requirements have not changed under the EESS, but tighter evidence of conformity is required for some items.


For further information regarding the EESS, please contact the EESS Admin on (07) 3738 5098 or  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .