Level 1 Equipment

Equipment classified as level 1 is any in-scope electrical equipment not classified as Level 3 or Level 2 equipment.

Before level 1 equipment can be sold, the following requirements must be met:

  • The equipment must be electrically safe and meet the relevant standard
  • The equipment must be marked with the Regulatory Compliance Mark (RCM)
  • The equipment must be supplied by a registered Responsible Supplier at the first point of sale in the supply chain.
  • Equipment brand and type must be linked to a registered responsible supplier.

A Responsible Supplier Declaration must also be made as part of the Responsible Supplier process.  This declaration states that equipment supplied is electrically safe and meets relevant standards.

Whereas Level 2 and Level 3 type equipment requires registration on the National Database as well as certain evidence of conformance for each of those types of equipment, there is no specified evidence of conformance required to be held by Responsible Suppliers for Level 1 electrical equipment. However, Responsible Suppliers of Level 1 electrical equipment must hold evidence that the equipment meets the relevant standard as in force at the time the equipment was manufactured or imported by the Responsible Supplier.

The evidence must be retained by the Responsible Supplier for five years from the date the equipment was last imported or manufactured by the Responsible Supplier.