Evidence of Compliance

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All in-scope electrical equipment must be electrically safe and meet the relevant standards.

There are different requirements for evidence of compliance with relevant standards for each equipment risk level.

Level 1 electrical equipment. The Responsible Supplier for Level 1 equipment must keep evidence, in English, that the items meet the relevant standard at the time the item was either manufactured or imported.  This evidence is to be kept by the Responsible Supplier for a period of 5 years starting on the day the item is last manufactured or imported by the Responsible Supplier.

Level 2 electrical equipment. A Responsible Supplier is required to keep a Compliance Folder A Compliance Folder is a document recording evidence, in English, that must include test reports completed by an approved testing entity or a suitably qualified person confirming that the equipment type being registered meets the relevant standard.

Level 3 electrical equipment. the evidence of compliance for level 3 equipment is a valid Certificate of Conformity. The Certificate of Conformity must be issued by a recognised Certifier for each item of Level 3 electrical equipment, or family of items.

Full details of the evidence required for Level 3 and Level 2 equipment can be found in the Equipment Safety Rules.