Information for Certificate Holders

A Certificate of Conformity (Certificate) is a Certificate issued by a Certifier to certify that an item of equipment meets the relevant standards. A Certificate alone is not sufficient to sell electrical equipment under the requirements of the Electrical Equipment Safety System (EESS).

A Certificate is issued for all Level 3 in-scope electrical equipment if the required standards are met and is a requirement before this equipment can be registered on the National Database.

A Certificate Holder is not required to be an Australian or New Zealand entity (but can be).

A Responsible Supplier is required to hold or have access to a Certificate of Conformity for each of Level 3 electrical equipment or family of a type of Level 3 electrical equipment that it offers for sale. This is generally intended to be demonstrated through the registration process on the National Database whereby the Responsible Supplier enters the Certificate number (of a certificate registered on the national database) during the registration process and making an electronic link.