What is ERAC

In Australia, technical and safety electrical regulatory functions are largely the responsibility of state and territory governments.

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History of ERAC

ERAC has a long history, its predecessors being the Electrical Regulatory Authorities Approvals Committee (RAAC) and Regulatory Authorities Licensing Committee (RALC) which were sponsored by the ESAA (Electricity Supply Association of Australia) dating back to the 1960s.

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ERAC Structure

The work of ERAC is divided into five focus areas to reflect the current strategies of ERAC and the electrical industry.

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Members of ERAC

elow are the member organisations of ERAC.

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ERAC Reporting Arrangements

As ERAC’s regulatory activities cover a wide spectrum, the Council does not have a fixed relationship with specific government or industry bodies.

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ERAC's Mission

The mission of ERAC is to provide benefits to Australian and New Zealand Governments, industry and the public by striving for a uniform regulatory environment for electrical activities, for the purpose of achieving acceptable levels of electrical safety, supply quality and energy use efficiency.

ERAC Meeting Schedule

Meetings are typically conducted twice yearly (May/November), rotating the locations among the member’s main centres as arranged by the Coordinating Chairperson.

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ERAC's Objectives

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