Implementation of the Electrical Equipment Safety System

The EESS commenced In Queensland on 1 March 2013 with a 12 month transition period.  Tasmania and Western Australia have recognised the EESS.  Australian jurisdictions are currently progressing or considering their implementation of the EESS and all jurisdictions are participating in an Inter-Governmental Agreement (IGA) process. New Zealand will have complementary legislation in due course.

During this IGA process the legislation of jurisdictions, other than those mentioned above, remains unaltered; funding from EESS registration fees are being retained in a trust fund; and the current check testing and compliance activity supporting the EESS is being sourced from within jurisdictional resources.

Due to the ongoing transition the EESS requirements for after 1 March 2014 have been reviewed.

The ERAC Equipment Certification System

ERAC has created a central portal for identifying all certificates of electrical equipment issued under electrical safety laws in Australia. 

To verify your product has a Certificate, click here for the public search of certificates.

Uniform Electrician Licensing Across Australia

In 2001, the National Uniform Electrical Licensing Advisory Council (NUELAC) released the following uniform set of requirements for licensed electricians.


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Electrical Equipment Safety Recall Guide

When faults or safety concerns arise with equipment already on the market, a recall may be needed. This can be in the form of a mandatory recall or voluntary recall.

Provided to assist traders in the conduct of the recall is the Electrical Equipment Safety Recall Guide

Minimum Energy Performance Standards (MEPS) and Labelling Program, Australia

Certain electrical products in Australia must be labelled with their energy efficiency rating and/or meet minimum energy efficiency standards before sale.

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Accident Statistics

Electrical safety regulators collect and analyse electrical fatality data to assist our work towards improving electrical safety in Australia and New Zealand.

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