Who we are

ERAC is the Electrical Regulatory Authorities Council; an organisation formed to coordinate the activities of Australian and New Zealand electrical regulators.

In Australia, technical and safety electrical regulatory functions are largely the responsibility of state and territory governments. A considerable amount of liaison is required between the eight Australian states and territories and New Zealand to coordinate activities around regulatory strategies, policies and ongoing reforms.

Our mission

ERAC’s mission is to provide benefits to Australian and New Zealand Governments, industry and the public by striving for a uniform regulatory environment for electrical activities, for the purpose of achieving acceptable levels of electrical safety, supply quality and energy use efficiency.

Principal objectives

  • Development of a policy framework that encourages and provides for coordinated regulatory development in each jurisdiction.
  • Coordination of individual State/Territory/NZ program objectives and activities, to ensure uniformity wherever possible.
  • Representation of ERAC’s agreed policies at the national level for the purpose of securing support from Governments, industry and the public.
  • Active participation in policy and technical committees of organisations such as Standards Australia and Standards New Zealand to ensure that the content of national technical standards is consistent with regulatory directions and requirements.


The council is made up of representatives of the regulatory authorities responsible for electrical safety, supply and energy efficiency in New Zealand and the Australian states, territories and commonwealth.

Representatives cover the interests of other members in national forums such as Standards Australia policy boards and technical committees. ERAC also provides a practical single point of regulator contact for unions, industry and other areas of government, at the national level.

ERAC exists entirely through cooperative action and is recognised throughout the electrical industry as an authoritative voice for electrical regulators.

Our members and their contact details are located HERE.


ERAC’s history dates back to the 1960’s. It was preceded by the Regulatory Authorities Approvals Committee (RAAC) and Regulatory Authorities Licensing Committee (RALC), sponsored by the ESAA (Electricity Supply Association of Australia).

ERAC took over from the RAAC and RALC committees as an independent body in 1995.